5 Reasons Why I love In-Home Sessions | Stuttgart Family Photographer

Oh how I love to photograph families in their homes! ‘Whoa! Hold on a second!’, you might think. ‘Having a photo session at our house?. But it’s private. And what if the kids just want to play instead of having their pictures taken? Argh, and I will have to clean up the house before the session…’. I hear you friend! I’m a mom, too. And I always panic before we have visitors come over because I want it all to look perfect (which it never does). Now let me tell you why I love in-home sessions and maybe that’s gonna help you to get rid of your doubts:

1. Your home documents your life

What are the memories you treasure most of your childhood? Cuddling with your parents on the couch? Listening to your mom’s soft voice while she’s reading your favorite story to you in bed? Or maybe jumping in bed with your sister? Having a pillow fight with your brother? Baking cookies or building a race track with your dad? Yep, you name it! And all these memories were made where? Exactly, in your childhood home! ‘But why hire a photographer? I take pictures at home all the time.’ The answer is simple: because YOU were there, too. And you should be in the pictures with your family!

2. Your house is worth being remembered, too!

I have moved a lot in my life. All my homes are part of my story. I remember many details, but some memories have started to fade after a while. When that happens I take out my old photo albums to go down memory lane and have a look at our floral wallpapers, 80s style furniture, my old toys,…! Oh I could look at them forever!
Ha! Did you just dig out an old album, too? Gotcha!

sandra ruth stuttgart family photographer Girls Room Hat Arts and Crafts.jpg

3. It’s so convenient for you to have your photos taken at your house

Hey, when you schedule an in-home session you don’t need to worry about packing a lot of stuff. At home you and your family can change your outfits anytime. If your toddler is in the middle of potty training, you just take him to the bathroom when he suddenly needs to go. Your five year old is hungry and wants to have a snack RIGHT NOW? No problem. Actually preparing a snack is a fun activity worth documenting.

4. No rescheduling required due to bad weather

Fall and winter are unpredictable in Germany. I can’t tell you how many times the forecast of my weather app has proven to be wrong – especially in winter. I mean there are really nice days at this time of the year, too. Actually this winter has been surprisingly nice (except of the last couple of weeks). But if you want to be on the safe side, schedule your photo session at your home. You’ll stay warm and dry there. Plus if the weather turns out to be great you can still have some images taken in your yard.

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5. Kids can take the lead

So we were talking about you being worried that your kids will choose playing over having their pictures taken. Tell you what! That’s even better. If your kids take the lead you know for sure that the things that really matter to them now are being captured. Embrace their choices. Sit down with them and play or have them sit on your lap and read their favorite book to them. That’s how candid images of real moments, that make you feel something when you look at them, are created.

Toddler Chasing Baloon in Living Room.jpg