Why Family Photography Matters | Lifestyle Photographer Stuttgart

I just recently had a conversation with a friend about photography. She told me that her husband is not keen about having pictures taken at all, not to mention putting them on their walls or shelfs. His explanation is very simple. He says that he’s around, so why have photographs of him displayed? Another reason is, that he doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. I thought that his point of view is very interesting and we had a long conversation about it. But still, for me photography is one of the most important and effective ways to document our lives. Especially Family Photography. Here’s why I feel this way:

Our Babies Grow So Fast

It feels like yesterday, when I got pregnant with our first daughter. What an exciting time that was. And then she was born. A beautiful little baby girl. I will never forget that feeling when she was put into my arms for the very first time. I couldn’t believe how perfect she was. That first year was so unique. Back then we lived in Mexico and I could completely focus on her as I stopped working. I thought I would never forget all those details, her tiny hands, beautiful eye lashes, curly toes, that smile that melted my heart. Well, now she’s 9 years old and just finished reading the complete series of Harry Potter. Yes, I do remember a lot. But would I still remember that much if I didn’t have any pictures of her? I don’t know. Furthermore, SHE loves to look at her baby pictures – especially the ones with my husband, dog and myself in the frame.

Because of what I would like our children to remember when they look at our photos

I’d like to pass memories to our kids one day. Memories of who we are today. That family with two funny and silly little girls. Their parents goofing around with them. Their parents still (kind of) young and cool. But also of a family who is close and loves to cuddle. I want them to never forget what an awesome connection we have and how much we love them! I want them to show their children and grandchildren our pictures and say: Look, that was my family when I was your age!

We were there, too!

I know, I already wrote about this in my last blog post. But I can’t help myself and mention it again: Parents are part of a family, too! If we just document their lives, without ourselves for whatever reasons, we’re kind of pretending we weren’t there. I’m sure that’s no ones intention. But in the end, our kids will look at our family pictures some time and feel sad because there are just very few with their moms and dads. I’m not just making this one up. Actually I have some friends who already lost a parent. And most of them don’t have many pictures of themselves when they were little with their parents.

Live's changing constantly

Since I was a kid I’ve been documenting life with a camera. And I’m so glad I have. Especially the past 12 years. We’ve moved countries, we’ve grown as a family – and last year we lost a family member, our Golden Retriever. He was our first baby. We got him in Mexico and a couple of years later he moved to Hungary with us. Our daughters used to call him big brother – because that’s how they felt about him. Oh he was such a good soul. He made us laugh, he sang with us (he really did!), he made us all feel so good. We thought he’d stay with us forever. But then, just before our big move back to Germany, he was diagnosed with cancer. It was such a shock and as I’m writing this, my eyes are filling with tears. We were still hoping for a miracle, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. We were devastated and even though we so did not feel like having pictures taken, I decided to ask a friend of mine to do a family session for us. The girls picked their favorite dresses, I had a makeup done to hide the dark circles under my swollen eyes and we all went for one last time to our favorite park with our boy.
I am so glad we have those pictures of the five of us. I know we will treasure them forever!


Below I'd like to share some images of a really gorgeous family with you.