Why Photo Sessions Should Be Fun For The Whole Family | Stuttgart Family Lifestyle Photography

As a photographer – and as a mom of two girls -  I love nothing more than capturing the love, joy and connection that make up the moments of a family’s unique life!

But how do I get people to show me their emotions? Well, when I plan a photo shooting I always make sure to get to know a family before the session. I talk to the mom about her husband and their kids and often let her fill out a questionnaire, that helps me to get an idea what every family member likes and what’s important to them. So when we actually meet, I have a little chat with the kids about their favorite movies, hobbies, or pets before I even pick up my camera. That way they start to feel comfortable around me and realize that I’m really interested in them. I tell them that the main reason why we got together is to have a blast and that I want them to run, jump, laugh, play and snuggle. Once the parents see how much fun their kids are having, they start laughing and having a great time, too! The result are authentic and joyful images that show their connection and deep love.

And just recently a little girl told me on the way back to the parking lot that I was right and that she had a lot of fun! And that’s what makes me happy!