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What are you really looking for?

On Facebook I often read “ISO of reasonably priced photographer”. Something in this statement bothers me. Of course I understand what it means. We all have a certain budget for our living and need to decide how much we want to spend on what. It’s a decision we need to make every single day. Especially when living somewhere else. When we lived abroad, one of our top three priorities was travelling. Oh how much fun we had. And the memories are priceless. But let’s get back to the statement. So when someone is looking for a reasonably priced photographer, does that mean the photographer with the lowest price gets the job? Why hiring a photographer then? You could just ask a neighbor or a friend to take your pictures. Then it might be even for free! Wouldn’t that be awesome? But what about the following descriptions : professional, kind, creative, great with children, experienced, patient, empathetic, funny, open,…?

Getting an insight

As a photographer, I want to offer my clients more than just a few pictures. I’m offering them an experience. I’d like to get to know them before the session and I’d like them to get to know me. They tell me about themselves and their families. They can openly discuss their concerns with me and ask any questions. We talk about what to wear, locations, weather, how to prepare the children and spouses for the session. So when we actually meet for the photo shoot we already “know” each other. Then there’s the session itself and the work that goes into it afterwards: hand picking, fine tuning, and editing each image. As you can see, a photographer spends way more time for each job than just 90 minutes. Also, just to give you an insight of the costs a photographer has to cover I’ll name you a few: gear, insurance, website, online gallery, education, gas, marketing…

Photographers have bills to pay, too!

I’m lucky to say that I’ve had the most awesome clients so far. All of them appreciate me and my work. And I truly care for them! So I’m not writing this to complain. Not at all. I’d like to help you to understand that the job of a photographer goes way beyond taking a few images. And that every single photographer deserves to be paid for their fantastic service. Unfortunately there are many out there, who are incredibly talented and don’t charge what they’re worth. But they also have to pay their bills, feed their families and would like to travel, just like you.

Do not hire a photographer if you don’t want to spend money

So, if you are looking for a reasonably priced photographer, please ask a friend of yours to snap some pics.

How to find the best photographer for your family

If you are looking for a professional photographer, find out who’s in your area, visit their websites, check out their portfolio and arrange a phone call or FaceTime with them to find out who is the best match for you. Your best match will take the best pictures for you and give you an experience you will never forget.

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